How To Treat An Ovarian Cyst?

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There are many schools of thought about how to treat an ovarian cyst. Some doctors will automatically call for a hysterectomy, regardless of the women’s age or fertility plans for the future. The more holistic approach may be to treat the reasons why this change has taken place inside the body, instead of treating the resulting disease or syndrome.

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This natural approach to treat an ovarian cyst may be much more desirable than the automatic knee-jerk reaction to rush to surgery. A more natural remedy will be less invasive and give a better prognosis for the future than a hysterectomy.

What Is An Ovarian Cyst?

An ovarian cyst is a type of fluid filled pocket or in some cases, sac like bubble in or around the uterus and ovary. It sometimes reveals itself with pain and by reduced bladder capacity.

If you are experiencing nausea, vomiting and breast tenderness, and these symptoms may be more prevalent or pronounced during pregnancy, a professional exam must be sought out. Then too with these kinds of cysts there are no symptoms at all.

Ovarian cysts are actually common and there are two types of these functional cysts which are normal to enable fertility and to expel the egg at the right time for fertilization.

There are three other kinds of cysts including endometriosis which are painful and need to be examined further. When cysts takeover and swell they can become very large and will move out of the normal position in the pelvis sometimes they can even cause a twisting of the ovary, this can be extremely painful and medical attention must be sought out immediately.

How Common Is This Health Problem?

An ovarian cysts can be very common, there are two types of cysts that are productive and help with fertilization. Their role is to hold onto the egg until the egg is ready to travel down the fallopian tube and the other cyst is actually to release the egg at the appropriate time.

These cysts hardly ever cause pain, however, there are three other kinds of cysts that do cause pain, one of these kinds of cysts are called Endometrioses which is a familiar term to many.

Many women do develop these kinds of cysts that are common and are not dangerous, however, after menopause the ovarian cysts that may be found may be cancerous, that is why it is important to have regular exams at the doctor.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

To answer this question one must be one’s own medical advocate as to how to treat a cyst. Sometimes these cysts go away on their own or they may need treatment and that is why it is important to get the doctor’s diagnosis and possibly even a second opinion before any treatment is decided.
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There are usually three recommendations for treatments of these kinds of cysts. One is to just watch and wait and see if it dissolves and goes away on its own, another treatment may be to go on birth control pills and then finally the third recommendation is surgery.

Which Ovarian Cyst Treatment Is Going To Be Best For You?

This answer must include your future plans for having children or not and, depending on your age, possibly surgery to remove the cysts and or the uterus and ovaries. Only you can be the judge of what the best decision is for you.

However, if you’re leaning more toward a natural approach you may need to seek out a holistic doctor, and do research, online is always a good place to start, on your own as to how you plan to treat the cysts. For questions you may have assistance by a Nutritionist or holistic doctor, would be an excellent way to move forward with your final decision.

Is A Natural Treatment For Ovarian Cysts Safe?

In your research for a natural treatment for how to treat a cyst, may be a better choice to use things that do not include surgery or hormonal birth control pills. Many people do believe that a natural option is the safer means and better for your body.

Can You Permanently Rid Yourself Of Ovarian Cysts?

Since some ovarian cysts are necessary for procreation and fertility, you may not necessarily want to rid yourself of all ovarian cysts. However, the kind of ovarian cysts that are painful or do damage or may be malignant need to be checked and diagnosed by your doctor.

If a natural alternative for you is through holistic medicine and natural vitamins, herbs and teas, just make sure that you have thoroughly researched all of the diagnoses and recommendations from your doctor first and then proceed with a natural approach if that is decided by you to be the best choice.


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