Can A PCOS Natural Treatment Help You?

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PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a condition in which a women’s hormones can become out of balance. When a women has been diagnosed with PCOS it can be the reason that she has had problems from her menstrual cycle and difficulty in getting pregnant.

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The imbalance of these hormones can cause changes in the body that will be unwanted by women. These changes can be anything from growing extra hair on the body to causing serious illnesses that may include diabetes and heart disease if gone untreated. Will be focusing on a more natural treatment approach.

What Is PCOS?

PCOS, is the acronym for polycystic ovarian syndrome. Some women that have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome seek a more natural treatment for this syndrome. Searching for a polycystic ovarian syndrome natural treatment will require some research.

Small ovarian cysts are one of the telltale signs for PCOS, the cysts are not harmful but will show a hormone imbalance or will have led to a hormone imbalance. Hormones are actually chemicals that cause chain reactions if off balance, this may result in harmful effects on the body.

The hormones within the body function within a delicate balance, when one is slightly off balance it will cause many other functions in the body to be off and may result in harm to the body. Without the proper balance, acne, thinning hair, irregular periods, fertility concerns and diabetes may all quickly become a concern.

What PCOS Treatment Options Are There?

After your doctor does some preliminary visual testing, which may include such things as acne, trouble losing weight or gaining weight, extra hair on the body and thinning hair on the scalp. Some other signs may also be irregular periods, fertility problems and in some cases depression.

This imbalance of hormones, considered chemicals by medical jargon, will begin a chain reaction and there by trigger other maladies throughout the body. However, seeking a natural pcos treatment may be a good choice.

Can A Natural Treatment For PCOS Work?

Some may deem a natural treatment for PCOS as nothing more than living healthy. This may include losing weight, having a healthy diet, caring for skin to help with acne and removing excess hair by laser or electrolysis and just maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Regarding ideas for how to treat pcos naturally, these may include taking green tea as well as spearmint tea daily. Some that are experiencing the side effect of encroaching diabetes may find it helpful to take the herb cinnamon which has been proven, in some studies, to improve insulin level sensitivities.

The supplement Chromium has been shown in some studies to also help with insulin improvement, and in some informal studies a good natural based vitamin B complex has had good results to help with energy and even some forms of depression.
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What Are The Benefits To Using A Natural Treatment?

First and foremost, a proper diagnoses from your doctor is very important and is the first step in any diagnoses. A second opinion may also be a good idea as well. Your doctor may make this diagnosis by an ultrasound or by reviewing your history and your symptoms.

At that point your doctor may prescribed a treatment plan for you depending on how far along your PCOS may have progressed. Some doctors may be familiar with a more holistic approach and help you devise a treatment that you are comfortable with.

However, some medical doctors are not knowledgeable on the subject of natural treatments, vitamins or herbs and thereby will not recommend them. Do not feel intimidated by this or feel that it is your only choice for a remedy. Be your own advocate and do research, online is almost always the best place to find answers to concerns such as your health.

Is It Safe To Choose A PCOS Natural Treatment?

By using a natural treatment plan, to help with your PCOS, the natural based supplements and vitamins may omit the side effects seen with a more chemical approach. Each person is different and too the treatment plan will have success with some and not with others. This is true for a natural treatment as well as a by the book medical treatment.

Your doctor, while looking for symptoms such as problems with irregular periods, unusual growth of hair on the body resembling thick male hair shafts, skin concerns and possibly depression, will form a diagnoses and treatment.

Caution and research must always go before committing to any plan of treatment, either a natural or chemical treatment plan. In following a natural pcos treatment, some feel that it is safer than prescription medicines that are prescribed with so many unwanted side effects.

By taking a more holistic approach to your treatment, you may find that you have many more benefits than unwanted side effects.

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