Tips for How to get Rid of Ovarian Cysts Naturally

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The question of how to get rid of ovarian cysts naturally is one that has plagued women for many, many years now. Ovarian cysts are said to be fluid sacs that are abnormal and grow in the ovaries of women. While they are often common in women who are able to have children, they are not something that should be ignored.

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While these cysts are not known to be malignant, they can cause a woman to become infertile and can’t cause a woman considerable pain when she is having your menstrual cycle. Below you will find some home remedies for ovarian cysts that will help you to cope with the pain and hopefully help you to cure the problem before it gets too bad.

What causes Ovarian Cysts?

When it comes to how to get rid of ovarian cysts, it helps if you know how they start to begin with. Often the formation of an ovarian cyst is caused by a malfunction in a follicle cell inside of the ovary. Sometimes these cysts will take care of themselves and disappear after two to four months. You can wait the problem out or you can try some of the home remedies below to help you get rid of the painful problem ahead of time. Of course, if none of these treatments work, it is best to contact your doctor as soon as possible for further treatment. Until then, here are some tips below on how to get rid of an ovarian cyst.

Lose that Excess Weight

Women who are overweight are known to produce more estrogen than thinner women do. You should try to keep your BMI under 25 if at all possible. A BMI of 26 to 30 is overweight and women who have a BMI of 30 and above are considered obese and at greater risk for ovarian cysts and other health concerns. You should follow a healthy diet plan and get plenty of exercise to help you control your BMI and reduce your risks and the occurrence of ovarian cysts in your ovaries.

Eat Only Organic Dairy and Meat

If you are likely to develop ovarian cysts, it is best if you eat only organic meat, cheese, butter, eggs, and milk. Many of these things come from cows and chickens that have had growth hormones used in their production. This is good for the farmer, as it saves them money, but not good for you if you run a risk of developing ovarian cysts on a regular basis. You should try to eat only organic when it comes to these meats and dairy products.
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Avoid Soy or Soy Products

Soy contains an ingredient that produces more estrogen in the body, putting someone who has regular ovarian cysts and greater risks than other women do. You will need to stay away from any type of soy, including processed foods, which are known to have soy in them. Read all labels carefully, start avoiding soy, and your cysts should begin to disappear and hopefully never return.

Avoid Plastics for Food

While this may sound strange, it is best to avoid the use of all plastics in the foods you eat, cook, or store. These plastics are said to have a variety of chemicals that will produce estrogen, causing ovarian cysts to form. This even includes drinking from plastic water bottles. Make sure that any food you microwave isn’t microwaved in plastic containers as well. You will also want to store your food in something other than plastic. Avoiding using plastic can help your cysts to disappear and help you from forming more ovarian cysts in the future.

Take a DIM Supplement

You will want to take a Diindolylmethane, also known as DIM, supplement to balance your estrogen and progesterone. This is a natural supplement that you can find in just about any health food store or even drug stores. You can get enough of this natural supplement in vegetables such as broccoli and kale in order to stop cysts from forming, but it is better to take the supplement as well. If you are looking to get rid of your ovarian cysts, then you need to take between 100 and 200 mg of some sort of DIM a day.

Visit Your Doctor

As with any type of diet plan or medication, you need to consult your doctor before taking action. In addition, if none of the remedies above work to help you gets rid of your cysts, you should consult a doctor for an underlying cause and possible treatment.

These are just a few of the natural remedies that you can try to get rid of your ovarian cysts. From taking a DIM supplement to losing the excess weight you have gained, you will find that you not only feel healthier but oftentimes will get a new lease on life as well.

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